Imlie: Upcoming Twist! Imli Confronts Vishwa

Imlie: Upcoming Twist! Imli Confronts Vishwa

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In the upcoming story of Imli, Imlie confronts Vishwa in front of everyone.

So far in the track of this serial, Sonali exposes Amrit's true nature to Agastya and Annapurna, causing them to recognize Imlie's innocence.

Further, Agastya and Annapurna apologize to Imlie for mistreating her, labelling her as characterless and greedy.

However, Imlie finds it in her heart to forgive only Annapurna while still harbouring anger towards Agastya.

According to the latest spoilers of Imlie, Imlie will come across a video featuring herself and Agastya, revealing Vishwa secretly spying on Agastya.

Imlie presents the video to everyone, alleging that Vishwa was spying on Agastya with malicious intent, however, Vishwa refuses to accept the allegations.

Let us see how Vishwa finds a way to prove his innocence to the entire Chaudhary family, ensuring that there's no drama during Avi and Shivani's wedding in the upcoming Imlie episodes.

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