IPZN: Mayank tries to take advantage of Sonu

IPZN: Mayank tries to take advantage of Sonu

IPZN Spoiler:

In the upcoming twists of the IPZN serial, Mayank (Aakash Gupta) will successfully drug Sonu (Shagun Sharma) and will try to take advantage of her while Sarla will reach their hotel.

Up until now in the IPZN story, Ahaan took care of Ishki as she was ill due to the low temperature of the AC and apologised to her.

Further, in the last episode of the IPZN serial, Mayank managed to convince Sonu and Raj to come to the party with him and Ishki while Ahaan and Riya went on a dinner date.

Now as per the serial gossips of IPZN, Mayank will manage to drug Sonu and will take Sonu to his room to take advantage of her.

However, Ahaan will return from his date to take care of Ishki who has gotten drunk after the party.

Meanwhile, Sarla will come to their hotel and will look for Raj while Ahaan will hide a drunk Ishki from her.

Let's see if Ahaan finds out about Mayank's true nature in the upcoming story of the IPZN serial.

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