Jhanak: Upcoming Promo! Jhanak In Deathbed

Jhanak: Upcoming Promo! Jhanak In Deathbed

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In the upcoming story of Jhanak, Jhanak will be on her deathbed.

So far in the track of the Jhanak serial, Jhanak's condition has worsened and Dr. Ghosh has mentioned Jhanak's life being in grave danger if she doesn't gain consciousness.

According to the latest spoilers, Anirudh and Apu will worry about Jhanak and will try to bring Jhanak back to her senses.

What will happen now? Will Jhanak's story end in the Basu household because of her severe illness?

Let us watch the future episodes of Jhanak to see if Anirudh and Apu's efforts will bear fruit and if she'll come back to her senses.

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