Katha Ankahee: Latest Twist! Yuvraj Shocks Viaan

Katha Ankahee: Latest Twist! Yuvraj Shocks Viaan

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In the upcoming story of Katha Ankahee, Yuvraj will shock Viaan.

So far in the track of Katha Ankahi, Viaan is out of jail while Katha is marrying a man named Raghav who loves her.

According to the latest twists, Viaan goes to meet Yuvraj so he can know about where Katha is as she is not living in her old apartment anymore.

Viaan requests Yuvraj to let him meet Katha or Kailash.

However, as per the upcoming promo of the Katha serial, Yuvraj's declaration shocks Viaan as he reveals to him that Kailash is no more in this world.

What will happen now? Will Viaan be able to meet Katha and make her realize that her past is bound to meet her present?

Let us watch the upcoming episodes of Katha Ankahee to see whether Viaan's request to meet Katha is fulfilled by fate or not.

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