Katha Ankahee New Promo: Why Katha Is Working So Hard?

Katha Ankahee New Promo: Why Katha Is Working So Hard?

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Katha Ankahee is a story of a woman who struggles alone to provide for her family. This is a story where protagonist Katha is burdened with so many responsibilities that she has no time to spare.

Despite the struggles, Katha is an inspiration to those who face similar life challenges. She has a proper Nine-to-Five job but she is still burning candles at both ends. She is a freelancer, a Yoga teacher in the morning and much more.

But what is Katha’s motivation?

Katha has a son who is diagnosed with leukaemia and Katha needs funds for his son's treatment.

Despite Katha’s various efforts, the money is not enough to fund the treatment.

Seeing no alternative, Katha approaches her boss for the loan.

Katha’s boss is an egomaniac who is ready to exploit Katha's need for money.

Katha accepts the condition to spend the night with her boss.

However, the drama will take a twist when Katha uses her wit to keep her boss so hooked at night that she always gets to escape being exploited.

How Katha manages that is what the suspense is all about.

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