Katha Ankahee: Upcoming Story! Yuvraj Shoots Viaan

Katha Ankahee: Upcoming Story! Yuvraj Shoots Viaan

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In the upcoming story of Katha Ankahee, Vanya will save Viaan after Yuvraj shoots Viaan.

So far in the story of Katha Ankahee, Viaan and Katha's wedding functions have started and Garewal Ji has presented Viaan with a family sword. 

Afterward, Kailash uses his rifle to fire some shots in honour of Viaan officially becoming his son-in-law and explains to him that the rounds in them are fake only to make noise.

At the same time, Maya is waiting for the right opportunity to expose Katha without putting Viaan in a bad light.

However, Teji gets impatient seeing Viaan and Katha getting married and asks Reet to do something.

Meanwhile, Reet tells Yuvraj that Viaan must be blackmailing Katha into marriage because Viaan has paid 1 crore rupees to spend a night with him. 

As per the spoilers of the Katha Ankahi serial, Viaan will be shot at the time of his Pheras by an angry Yuvraj using the same rifle.

In the upcoming twists, Vanya will donate her blood to save Viaan.

Will Katha own her one-night stand with pride or will she wallow in shame?

Let us see the future episodes of Katha Ankahi to see how Reet's carefully planted words create a typhoon in Katha's life that will destroy the peace of Kaviaan's life.

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