Katha Ankahee: Upcoming Twist! Viaan Apologizes To Katha!

Katha Ankahee: Upcoming Twist! Viaan Apologizes To Katha!

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In the upcoming episodes of the Katha Ankahee serial, Viaan will put together all the facts and realize that he owes Katha an apology.

So far in Katha Ankahee’s story, Katha impatiently waits outside the operational theater along with Falguni. 

Katha gets a call from Kailash who offers her his help but Katha refuses and says that it was too late for his help. 

Meanwhile, Jeetu and Ahsan try to reason with Viaan and explain to him that he is taking a rash and unwise decision by accepting Katha’s resignation.

Now as per the gossip of Katha Ankahee, Amrita comes to Vian and tells him about the 1 cr bribe that Pyramid offered and Katha refused to accept.

Later, Ahsan asks Katha to join him in a cafe to sort out all the past misunderstandings while Viaan joins them too.

Katha will not be able to bare the thought of working together with Viaan again at which Viaan will finally break and apologize to her and promise to steer clear of her way in the office.

Will Katha accept Viaan’s apology and rejoin Earthcon?

Let us see how Katha reacts to Viaan's apology in the upcoming episodes of Katha Ankahee.

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