Lock Upp: Latest Finale Spoiler! Kangana's Unpredictable Decisions!

Lock Upp: Latest Finale Spoiler! Kangana's Unpredictable Decisions!

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In the latest episode before the Finale Week, five contestants were locked-in including Payal, Saisha, Anjali, Poonam, and Azma.

While all the boys in the jail rest calmly on the bench, Kangana throws a bomb by saying that they need only two finalists.

Hearing this everyone gets stumbled fearing eviction while Shivam is delighted because he has the ticket to Finale.

However, Shivam's excitement gets torn to pieces when Kangana reminds him that she has the power to take back his ticket.

While everyone is terrified about whether everyone will be eliminated except the two finalists, Kangana spills the tea by saying that they need two finalists in the next week before finals.

Further, Azma gets saved by votes while Payal and Anjali by Kangana's choice.

Kangana also decides to give a chance to Poonam and Saisha resulting in no elimination.

Finally, the contestants are given drums filled with Keechad (mud) with different tags namely 'Akkal Ka Dushman', 'Ullu Ka Pattha', 'Kutte Ki Doom', 'Aasteen Ka Saanp', 'Dhobi Ka Kutta', and 'Naak Mein Dum' which they can pour on the prisoner they think deserves the tag.

Kangana announces that Anjali and Payal are the ones to be poured with an abundant amount of mud.

When Shivam remains clean in the end, Prince and Munawar hug him to get him dirty.

Let us see how will these finalists fight against each other in the Final Week of Lock Upp in the upcoming episodes.

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