Maitree Serial: Upcoming Story! Maitri Weds Saaransh!

Maitree Serial: Upcoming Story! Maitri Weds Saaransh!

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In the upcoming story of Maitree, Maitri, and Saaransh will get married! 

So far in the story of the Maitree Serial, Maitree questions Saaransh alone about why he wants to marry her. 

Saaransh tells Maitri because his mother asked him to settle in India while Maitree also questions Saaransh about him sweating a lot.

Saaransh gets fearful thinking Maitree should not know about his drug abuse and dismisses the topic. 

According to the latest spoiler of Maitree, police will come to Maitree's house regarding a current drug case in which a person wearing a sherwani can be seen, taking drugs. 

It is Saaransh but nobody knows about his addiction yet.

What will happen now? Will Maitree get married to Saaransh despite many attempts of him exposing himself indirectly? 

Let us watch the future episodes of the Maitree serial to know how Maitri reacts once she gets to know about Saaransh's drug abuse history.

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