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Meet Serial: Future Story! Shagun Hides a SECRET from Manmeet!

Meet Serial: Future Story! Shagun Hides a SECRET from Manmeet!

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In the upcoming story of the Meet serial, Shagun will hide a big secret from Manmeet which can turn critical in the future story.

The current track of Meet revolves around Manmeet and Meet's haldi and mehendi ceremony which gets crashed by Shagun as she visits the Ahlawat mansion.

Manmeet teaches a lesson to Shagun while Meet suspects Sarkar and his family plotting something against her.

According to the latest spoilers of Meet, Shagun will discover that she has left her mobile phone at Meet's house by mistake.

However, after getting beaten up, Gudwanti will ask Shagun to keep that fact a secret and pray to God that Meet does not find it.

Meet spots the mobile but does not get any information as the mobile does not switch on.

However, Meet asks Ram to retrieve all information from that phone as she suspects that it belongs to Shagun.

Let us see if Meet gets to know the truth through Shagun's mobile in the upcoming episodes of Meet and how Manmeet will react once he gets to know Shagun's mistake.

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