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Meet Serial: Upcoming Story! Meet STABS Manmeet!

Meet Serial: Upcoming Story! Meet STABS Manmeet!

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In the upcoming story of the Meet serial, Meet is going to stab Manmeet while being drenched in rain.

So far in the episodes of the Meet serial, Meet has found out that Manmeet did not tell her the truth because of Raj’s promise and feels the need to apologize to him.

Meanwhile, Shagun and Gunwanti are also forming a plan of their own to separate Manmeet and Meet.

Now as per the spoilers of the serial Meet, Manmeet goes to Meet at their decided place when suddenly a heavy rain drenches him.

In the upcoming episode, Manmeet is trying to take Meet back home when Meet suddenly stabs him with a knife leaving him shocked and injured.

However, why is Meet wearing a glove? Is it truly Meet Hooda who is stabbing Manmeet or is it someone else?

Let's see what fate has decided for Manmeet and Meet in the upcoming episode of the Meet serial.

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