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Meet Serial: Upcoming Twist! Manmeet Impresses Meet Hooda!

Meet Serial: Upcoming Twist! Manmeet Impresses Meet Hooda!

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In the upcoming story of Meet Serial, Manmeet will impress Meet Hooda!

So far in the story of Meet, Meet denies marrying Manmeet & Manmeet decides to teach Meet Hooda a lesson by marrying her to avenge the humiliation she caused his family. 

According to the latest spoilers of the Meet serial, Meet will be knocked unconscious by Manmeet and he will take her to a Mandap to get married to Narendra, Sarkar's older son who is already married.

As per the future story of Meet, Meet will come awake suddenly when Manmeet pretends to save her by putting the marriage fire down by the water. 

Manmeet will declare that as long as he is there, nobody can cast an evil eye on Meet Hooda. 

In the upcoming episodes of Meet, we will see a completely different face of Meet Hooda as she gets impressed by Manmeet, unaware of the fact that Manmeet is no good and he actually planned the whole thing. 

Let us see whether Meet Hooda succumbs to the raw, village charm of Manmeet as he reminds her of her Meet Ahlawat in the future episodes of the Meet serial.

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