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Meet Spoiler: Meet comes to Ahlawat house

Meet Spoiler: Meet comes to Ahlawat house

Meet spoiler:

In the upcoming Meet serial episodes, Meet will accidentally fall on the Haldi which is supposed to be for Manushree, and will later come to Ahlawat house.

The current story of the Meet serial revolves around Meet Ahlawat coming to meet Manushree to see if there is his name on her hand and gets happy seeing it while flashback shows Meet writing the name with a marker.

Further, Meet reveals to Anubha that she has already met Meet Ahlawat and further Anubha plans a girl party for Manushree.

Now as per the upcoming twists of Meet, Ahlawat's will be celebrating the Haldi festival while Meet will accidentally fall and the Haldi meant for Manushree will fall on her face.

Further, Meet will go to Meet Ahlawat's house to give the family the things from Manushree's side revealing that she is Manushree's sister, according to the gossips of Meet.

Let's see how will Meet react to this in the upcoming story of Meet.

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