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Meet: Upcoming Promo! Meet Hooda's BIG Revenge On Manmeet & Sarkar!

Meet: Upcoming Promo! Meet Hooda's BIG Revenge On Manmeet & Sarkar!

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In the upcoming track of Meet, Meet Hooda will take big revenge on Manmeet and his family, including Sarkar & Jasodha! 

The current story of the Meet serial revolves around Meet re-entering the Sarkar Mahal to take revenge on Manmeet as he betrayed her trust and also betrayed Raj & Babita's love as they saw Meet Ahlawat in him.

According to the latest spoiler of Meet, Manmeet asks Meet to dress up Shagun for her wedding with him.

However, Meet does exactly the opposite and calls SP Bhaati to put dirt against the Sarkar family's reputation.

As per the serial gossip of Meet, Meet will drug Shagun and bring her to Mandap.

SP Bhatti will announce that since Manmeet is already married to Meet Hooda, he cannot marry any other girl as it is criminal in the law's eyes.

Further, Meet Hooda strategy works as seeing Shagun's condition, SP Bhaati claims that Shagun is being forcefully married to Manmeet.

It looks like Meet Hooda is back in her full swag and fashion.

Let us see how Meet plans to torture Manmeet and his patriarchal family in the future episodes of Meet.

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