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Meet: Upcoming Story! Meet Ahlawat's Hands Start Working!

Meet: Upcoming Story! Meet Ahlawat's Hands Start Working!

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In the upcoming story of the Meet serial, Meet Ahlawat's hands will become ok again.

So far in the story of the Meet serial, Meet Hooda has found out that Neelam has no Split Personality Disorder and she was not raped either.

Ishani also reveals that Neelam is pregnant with Pratap's child and is playing a game with them to stay close to Meet Ahlawat.

As per the spoilers of the serial, Meet Hooda declares that they have to get all the truth out of Neelam's mouth so that she can also reveal the poison name which can cure Meet Ahlawat of the partial paralysis he is facing.

Later, Meet Hooda dances close to Meet Ahlawat seeing Neelam to irritate her.

In the upcoming twists of the serial, Neelam throws a ball at Meet Ahlawat which he catches with his own hands.

Neelam gets surprised to see and wonders how Meet Hooda found out the antidote to the poison given by her.

Let us watch the future episodes of the Meet serial to find out how Meet Ahlawat's hand started working again without Neelam telling the cure.

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