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Meet: Upcoming Story! Shagun's Plan Backfires

Meet: Upcoming Story! Shagun's Plan Backfires

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In the upcoming story of Meet, Shagun's plan to break Sumeet and Shlok's marriage will backfire.

The current track of Meet revolves around Shlok and Sumeet finally, escaping Pakistan from the clutches of Bilawal by hiding themselves inside the Ganesh statue.

Later, both of them swim up and after a while, notice an Indian ship, thus enabling them to scream out for help.

According to the latest twists of Meet, Sumeet and Shlok will come back to their home, in India safely while Shagun, gets angry when this news comes to her notice through the media.

Understanding that Sumeet and Shlok's real strength lies in their love, Shagun pledges to break it, so that she can take her revenge on Sumeet.

As per the future story of Meet, Shagun's plan will backfire, thus making her taste defeat once again.

Let us watch the upcoming episodes of Meet to see what led Shagun's plan to backfire and to see if it is Sumeet who defeatd her or her carelessness.

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