Meet: Upcoming Twist! Meet CONFESSES to Manmeet Finally!

Meet: Upcoming Twist! Meet CONFESSES to Manmeet Finally!

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In the upcoming story of Meet, Meet will confess to Manmeet that she loves him.

The current track of Meet revolves around Shagun playing tricks to keep Manmeet away from Meet who only wants the best for him.

Meanwhile, Shagun's truth is yet to be out in front of the whole Sangwan family.

According to the latest spoiler of the show, Shagun will pretend to get teased by some goons in the streets after which Sarkar will blame Manmeet for all that since Manmeet is still married to Meet.

On the other hand, knowing Shagun's dangerous nature, Meet realizes that she cannot let Manmeet live in a delusion about Shagun loving him.

As per the upcoming twist of the Meet serial, Meet will tell Manmeet that she loves him.

However, Manmeet will be left shocked, saying he loves Shagun, not Meet.

Does Manmeet have feelings for Meet too?

Let us watch what happens in the upcoming episodes of Meet as Shagun keeps playing dirty tricks while Meet relieves herself after confessing to Manmeet.

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