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Meet: Upcoming Twist! Shagun welcomes Sumeet to HELL!

Meet: Upcoming Twist! Shagun welcomes Sumeet to HELL!

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In the upcoming story of the serial Meet, Shagun will welcome Sumeet to Hell.

The current track of the story revolves around Shlok running to the hospital with the antidote as Sumeet battles for her life there.

Meanwhile, Shagun is trying her contacts to get Raunak out of jail.

As per the spoilers of the Meet serial, Sumeet gives shock to Shagun by telling her that she has gotten Raunak's bail cancelled which doesn't settle well with Shagun.

Shagun warns Sumeet that by stepping inside the house, Sumeet has done her Grah Pravesh herself and she welcomes her to the Hell House.

In the upcoming twists, Shagun will attempt to kill Sumeet again and create fake medical reports for Raunak to get him bailed out.

However, Shagun's plan will get flopped again as Sumeet will get the information from Raj and reach the police station.

Let's watch how Shagun will get Raunak out of jail and make Sumeet suffer, in future episodes of the Meet serial.

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