MHRW: Pallavi to get possessive over Raghav

MHRW: Pallavi to get possessive over Raghav

MHRW upcoming twist: 

As per MHRW serial's serial gpssips, Pallavi (Shivangi Khedkar) will get possessive over Raghav (Sai Ketan Rao) while Sharda and Vijay will argue with him.

The current track of MHRW story revolves around Raghav and Pallavi spending the night in one room while he gets scared seeing her sleep talk.

Further, in the new episode of MHRW, Raghav asked Pallavi what she would want to do if she was to die in a few days and got happy hearing her talk about her family.

Now as per the upcoming story of MHRW, Krishna will talk to Pallavi on call and will call Raghav Ghamandi Rao while Pallavi will get possessive and will say that only she can call him that.

Meanwhile, Vijay will insult Raghav's family making him furious amd Raghav will raise his hand.

However, Sharda will stop him and will slap him.

Let's see what will Raghav do next in the future spoilers of MHRW.

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