Molkki: Bheem saves kids from Anjali's wrath

Molkki: Bheem saves kids from Anjali's wrath

Molkki spoiler alert: Bheem to save kids from Anjali torture and rebuke her

In the upcoming episodes of the Molkki serial, Bheem will find out that Anjali (Shraddha Jaiswal) has locked the kids in the cell and will free them while rebuking Anjali.

So far in Molkki story, Anjali's friends were frightened to see worms and Frog in the food and left the house while Anjali tried to plead them to stay.

Further, she locked the kids in the cell and didn't give them food while lying to the family members about the kids' whereabouts.

Now as per the serial gossips of Molkki, Bheem will ask Anjali about the kids while she will lie to him that they are at school when suddenly the landline will ring.

He will pick up the landline and the principal of the kid's school will ask them why the kids are absent at their exam while Bheem will lie to them and will further question Anjali about it.

Anjali will reluctantly take him to the kids and he will free them while he will warn Anjali to never torture the kids again.

Let's see what will Anjali do next in the future story of Molkki (मोल्क्की).

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