Naagin 6: Today's Latest Updates! Seema Gujral to die and exit Nagin Season 6?

Naagin 6: Today's Latest Updates! Seema Gujral to die and exit Nagin Season 6?

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In the upcoming story of the serial Naagin 6, the Sarvshreshth Naagin will put an end to the life of Maha Asura Seema Gujral which could end her character in the Naagin 6 show.

The current track of Nagin 6 revolves around Seema giving neck to neck fight to Pratha to get her hands on the Amrit Kalash.

So far in the Naagin 6 serial story, Seema sends her son Rainaksh with Chanda to bring the pious Kalash to her.

To fulfill Seema’s desire for Amrit Kalash, Rainaksh reaches its location through Chanda, despite facing many hurdles.

As per recent gossip about Naagin Season 6, Pratha will catch Rainaksh before he gets his hands on the Kalash.

Presented with Shivji’s powerful and entrancing trident, Pratha will end Rainaksh running breaths.

Based on the latest spoilers, the death of her son will stimulate Seema to avenge Pratha, the Sarvshreshth Naagin.

However, the God-gifted Naagin will once again establish her victory over the Maha Asura Seema Gujral by killing her with the same trident.

Let’s see what plan Seema formulates to avenge her son’s death that will lead her to her deathbed.

Moreover, Rishabh is soon to realize his paranormal powers in the upcoming episodes of Naagin 6.

Will Rishabh and Pratha together put an end to Seema’s life? Let's wait and watch the upcoming Naagin episodes.

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