Naagin 6: Upcoming Twist, Pratha marries Rishabh to take revenge! Future Story

Naagin 6: Upcoming Twist, Pratha marries Rishabh to take revenge! Future Story

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In the future episodes of Naagin 2022, Pratha will agree to marry Rishabh though initially, she was doubtful now she is more than sure about her decision.

Pratha dressed in red bridal attire vows to take revenge on the malefactors of the Bharat while Rishabh pledges not to let Pratha succeed in her intentions.

According to the spoilers of Naagin 6, Rishabh is unaware of the fact that Pratha is the savior of the country instead of the traitor that he considers her.

Rishabh is ignorant of the fact that his father, Lalit is the real culprit who was cheating the country.

Dressed as an enchantress, Pratha will slowly proceed to capture the traitors of the country with the help of Meheck, in the upcoming twists of season 6 of Naagin.

Though the truth of Lalit being alive or dead is yet to be disclosed it does not seem that Lalit could escape the power of Sharvashreshth Sesh Naagin who descends once in thousand years.

Let us see how Pratha keeps the secret of her being the Naagin meanwhile, staying close to Rishabh to get near the enemies breeding next to her.

How will Pratha react when she gets to know that it is not Rishabh who is cheating the country, rather he himself is kept in dark about the conspiracy cooking behind his back by his acquaintances?

Get ready to witness the innocence of Pratha and the fierceness of Sharvashreshth Shesh Naagin in the upcoming story episodes of Naagin Season 6.

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