Namak Ishq Ka: Kahani gets abducted

Namak Ishq Ka: Kahani gets abducted

Namak Ishq Ka serial gossip:

In the upcoming episodes of the Namak Ishq Ka serial, Kahani (Shruti Sharma) will get abducted while Yug (Adotya Ojha) will rush to save her.

Up until now in Namak Ishq Ka story, Kahani and Yug went on a date after which Yug fed Kahani ice cream and eat himself too making himself sick.

Meanwhile, Roopa found out that she is pregnant and went to the hospital to get an abortion done under the name of Kahani but left without getting the abortion done.

Now as per the latest twists of Namak Ishq Ka, Ronak will team up with someone and will get Kahani abducted while Rani will witness and will plead with Yug's family to save her.

However, no one will believe her after which Irawati will pick up the kidnappers call and will inform everyone that Kahani is kidnapped while Yug will rush to save her according to the spoiler alerts of Namak Ishq Ka serial.

Let's see if Yug can save Kahani in the future story of Namak Ishq Ka (नमक इश्क का).

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