Namak Ishq Ka: Yug to get a shocking letter

Namak Ishq Ka: Yug to get a shocking letter

Namak Ishq Ka Serial Gossip:

In the upcoming episodes of Namak Ishq Ka serial, Saroj will give Yug (Aditya Ojha) a letter who will be shocked upon reading the contents of it.

Up until now in Namak Ishq Ka, Saroj subtly tried to hint Yug to tell her to truth about his marriage with Kahani bit we didn't understand. 

Further, he went to their family Pandit with Kahani and requested them to call in their support against to family so that they all accept Kahani.

Now as per the Spoiler Twists of Namak Issk Ka, a letter will come and Saroj will eagerly give it to Yug and will tell him to read not about it.

Yug will read aloud that Kahani is a problem in his and Gunjan's life and that the person would come to their house to request Kahani to leave.

Let's see what sent the letter in the future story of Namak Ishq Ka (नमक इश्क का).

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