Nazar latest gossip: Aditya to trouble Ansh & Piya

Nazar latest gossip: Aditya to trouble Ansh & Piya

Nazar serial gossip updates:

In the forthcoming episodes of Nazar serial, Aditya will use his powers to hide and escape from the daycare center.

So far in Nazar story, Karan learned about Mansi being a Daayan who is helping Mohanna in stealing his special wings.

Karan puts the golden sand on Mansi, Krish, and himself and turns into statues.

Further, as per the latest gossips of Nazar serial, Ansh and Piya will decide to put Adi in a daycare center to let him befriend with other kids.

The Rathods will get shocked when they will find Adi gone missing from the center.

They will fear Mohanna’s involvement in the kidnapping.

But in reality, it will be Adi who will hide himself using his powers to get away from the daycare center.

Later, Ansh will find Adi and will also learn about his mischief in the upcoming story of Nazar



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