Nazar latest gossip: Karan & Ansh to fight off

Nazar latest gossip: Karan & Ansh to fight off

Nazar upcoming story:

In the forthcoming episodes of Nazar serial, Ansh and Karan will enter into a fierce fight to save their respective families.

So far in Nazar story, Karan has barged into Rathod house for a secret motive.

He has tricked Ansh and Piya and compelled them to be a part of his puja.

Karan has planned to turn Piya and Adi into stone statues to free his wife and son from Divya’s curse.

Nishant, however, informed Ansh about Karan’s plan.

The upcoming gossips of Nazar serial convey that Karan will take Piya and Adi to the jungle to perform the special puja.

Ansh will come there and before Karan would harm Piya and Adi, he would stop Karan.

Based on latest spoiler twists, Karan and Ansh will fight off with each other for the sake of their wife and son.

Let’s see who wins the battle between Ansh and Karan in the future story of Nazar on Star Plus.


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