Nazar Latest Gossips: Adi and Pari to fight against Mohana

Nazar Latest Gossips: Adi and Pari to fight against Mohana

Nazar serial future story twist:

In the upcoming episodes of Nazar serial, the viewers will witness the entry of Ansh and Piya's daughter, Pari, who will be a Daayan.

The present story of Nazar TV serial is revolving around the apocalypse war between the Reevavanshi and Daayanvanshi. With the death of Divya, Reevavanshi's have become weak.

Mohana has arrived with Dola and the army of the dead, while Ansh has decided to take the side of Reevavanshis in the war.

Now the latest spoilers of Najar serial reveal that the war will end when Ansh and Piya will sacrifice their powers for the sake of the wellbeing of their family members.

Also, a post leap sequence will show the introduction of a new Daayan Pari, who looks just like Mohana with a long braid and sparkly eyes.

Pari will the second child of Ansh and Piya as per the gossip updates of Nazar serial.

Aditya will also grow up to be more powerful. In the absence of Ansh and Piya's powers, their two kids will fight against their grandmother, Mohana. 

Let’s see how Pari and Aditya fight against the evil powers in the future story track of Nazar serial.

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