Nazar upcoming story: Piya to save Vedashri’s life

Nazar upcoming story: Piya to save Vedashri’s life

Nazar serial latest gossip:

In the upcoming episodes of Najar serial, Piya will bring Vedashri back to normal by returning her life spirit that was captivated by Mohanna.

So far in Nazar story, Ansh threw Piya out of Rathod house when she misbehaved with Vedashri and other family members.

In reality, Piya did all this deliberately on Mohanna’s instructions. Mohanna blackmailed Piya by putting Vedashri’s life at stake.

Now, the latest spoiler updates of Nazar serial state that Piya will indulge in a face-off with Mohanna to snatch away the jar in which she trapped Vedashri’s life spirit.

Nazar story twists will happen when Piya will defeat Mohanna using her Devik powers and will return to Rathod house along with the jar.

She will return Vedashri’s spirit back in her body.

This will bring happiness back in Ansh and Piya’s lives in the upcoming story of Nazar TV serial future episode updates.

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