Pandya Store: Raavi tries to commit suicide

Pandya Store: Raavi tries to commit suicide

Pandya Store: Raavi gets upset and tries to commit suicide

In the upcoming episodes of Pandya Store serial, Raavi (Alive Kaushik) will get upset seeing Dev (Akshay Kharodia) with Rishika (Simran Budharup) and will try to commit suicide by hanging from the fan.

So far in Pandya Store serial, Rishika ran away from her home and reached Dev's house where she stopped Dev's marriage and revealed to everyone that she and Dev are lovers.

Further, Raavi couldn't believe it and asked Dev if he is pranking her but he rejected her and revealed that Rishika is true about them being in love.

Now as per the serial gossips of Pandya Store, Raavi will get upset and will lock herself in her room where she will try to end her life by hanging but Shiva will save her.

Dhara will later request him to marry Raavi and he will accept shocking everyone.

Let's see how will Raavi react to Shiva's acceptance in the future story of Pandya Store (पंडया स्टोर) serial.

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