Pandya Store: Serial Gossip! Suman Digs A Pit!

Pandya Store: Serial Gossip! Suman Digs A Pit!

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In the upcoming story of Pandya Store, Suman will dig up her room to hide her jewelry underground.

The current track of Pandya Store revolves around Swetha and Krish's wedding. The whole family is ready to move to the resort for the grand wedding.

According to the latest twists of Pandya Store, Suman asks Gautam and Dev to dig up a hole in her room where she can bury her box of jewelry before leaving.

Suman is reluctant to leave the house with her gold and wealth behind and decides to hide them perfectly.

After digging a perfect hiding place for her box of treasure, Suman feels relieved as no thief can take away her things.

However, Suman is not aware that Swetha knows that she has hidden her jewelry underground and has her eyes on them.

Will Swetha steal all the jewelry and vanish in thin air before the wedding?

Let us see if the Pandyas are able to detect Swetha's intentions before it's too late in the upcoming episodes of Pandya Store.

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