Pandya Store: Spoiler! Rishita's insecurity to bring major twist

Pandya Store: Spoiler! Rishita's insecurity to bring major twist

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In the upcoming story of the serial Pandya Store, Rishita will turn against Dhara as the differences between the two will keep on increasing due to Rishita’s insecurity.

The current track of the Pandya Store serial revolves around the news of Rishita’s pregnancy being disclosed before the people for which Rishita blames Dhara.

Seeing Dhara being overly protective of the child, Rishita has become insecure about her baby as she feels Dhara has her evil eyes set on her.

In the future story of Pandya Store, the Pandya family will celebrate the festival Holi.

Rishita’s family will join the Pandyas in the celebration, however, the atmosphere will get thick with increasing tension when the intoxicated Dhara will insult Janardhan (Rishita’s father) in front of all people. 

Moreover, there’s the arrival of a mysterious woman in the story whose eyes are set on the Pandya house.

The old lady has some connections with Janardhan which is not at all a good sign for the Pandya family.

How is Dhara going to resolve her differences with Rishita after the fiasco that happened at the Holi party?

Let us watch future episodes of Pandya Store to know if Dhara is able to protect Rishita and her baby from that mysterious woman.

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