Pandya Store: Upcoming Spoilers! Shiva wants to Re-Marry!

Pandya Store: Upcoming Spoilers! Shiva wants to Re-Marry!

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In the upcoming story of Pandya Store, Shiva wants to re-marry!

So far in the story of the serial Pandya Store, Shiva doesn't have any inklings of the past and doesn't know that he is Raavi's husband. 

Instead, he thinks that Raavi is Dev's wife.

According to the latest spoiler of Pandya Store, Shiva will be dreaming in the night where he gets hazy memories of him and Raavi kissing. 

However, her face isn't clear to him in the dream while Raavi comes to sleep with him because she misses him.

As per the upcoming twist of the serial, Shiva will wake up suddenly, wanting to kiss a girl, and concludes that amidst all the wedding drama, he also wants to MARRY.

This will cause Raavi to get anxious as she decides on a plan to stop Shiva's thinking somehow. 

The current track of Pandya Store has gotten interesting as Shweta's test reports come out positive, announcing her pregnant while Krish & Prerna's relationship falls apart.

Let us keep watching the future episodes of Pandya Store to see how Shiva gets his memories back before he decides to marry someone else than Raavi.

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