Pandya Store: Upcoming Story! Chiku Comes Back!

Pandya Store: Upcoming Story! Chiku Comes Back!

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In the upcoming story of Pandya Store, Chiku will come back to Dhara after Gautam pays Swetha the amount she asked for.

So far in the story of the serial, Dhara's motherly instincts could not keep her away from Chiku which Gautam noticed.

Gautam later goes to Swetha and pays her everything to get back their Chiku.

As per the spoilers of Pandya Store, Dhara and Gautam bring home Chiku which sets the mood of the house to party.

Krish beats the dhol while the whole Pandya family dances around Dhara and Gautam who feels like proud parents.

Later, Suman finds Chiku's body hot and asks Dhara to care for him.

Let us watch the future episodes of the Pandya Store to see what happiness comes to Dhara with Chiku by her side and how Swetha's chapter ends from the lives of Pandya or whether it will ever end or not. 

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