Pandya Store: Upcoming Twist! Rishita Hunts For Chutki!

Pandya Store: Upcoming Twist! Rishita Hunts For Chutki!

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In the upcoming story of Pandya Store, Rishita will grow more and more anxious during her hunt for her Chutki.

So far in the track of Pandya Store, Shweta has again run away from Pandya house after demanding 50 lakh rupees from the Pandya family.

Meanwhile, the kids have brought Natasha AKA Chutki home without knowing her true identity.

Now as per the latest spoiler of Pandya Store, Shesh has already developed a disliking for his elder sister Natasha as she is stubborn just like him, and even Rishita does not like Natasha that much.

Later, that night, Shweta successfully elopes with Chutki from the Pandya house after bribing the kids with ice cream.

According to the latest gossip of the serial, Pandya Store, Rishita grows desperate to bring Chutki back as her motherly instinct urges her to not trust Shweta fully.

On the other hand, Shweta plans to get her seven-year pending revenge using Natasha and even plans to run away with the money.

Now let's watch the future episodes of Pandya Store to see whether Rishita reunites with her Chutki or not and whether Dhara becomes the punching bag as usual.

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