Parineeti Serial: Upcoming Story! Pari To Dominate Rajeev!

Parineeti Serial: Upcoming Story! Pari To Dominate Rajeev!

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In the upcoming story of the Parineeti serial, Pari will dominate Rajeev in his relationship with Neeti.

So far in the episodes of Parineeti, Pari has welcomed Neeti into Bajwa's house as Rajeev’s wife.

Afterward, Gurinder puts Rajeev and Neeti’s rings in milk and announces that whoever picks the ring first will be declared the winner.

Now as per the spoiler of Pariniti, Pari who is standing just near the milk will fall somehow and her hand dips into the milk.

When Pari takes her hand out of the milk, she along with everyone gets shocked to see the ring on her finger.

Usually, the winner of the milk ritual is the one dominant in a relationship and in Pari, Neet and Rajeev's love triangle it is Pari who has won.

Let’s see the future episodes of Parineeti to learn how Pari who always was a suppressant in the relationship from the start comes out strong.

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