Parineeti: Upcoming Twist! Bebe Abandons Neeti Last Minute

Parineeti: Upcoming Twist! Bebe Abandons Neeti Last Minute

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In the upcoming story of Pariniti, Bebe will abandon Neeti at the last minute when she is about to get caught.

The current story of Parineeti revolves around Neeti trying to hurt Pari which ends up making Rajeev get into an accident and his condition gets critical.

According to the latest twists of Parineeti, Parineet will track Shambhu to catch the culprit behind the accident which resulted in Rajeev getting hurt.

Neeti will feel guilty and get nervous about getting caught as Parineet gets closer to the truth.

As Neeti asks Bebe to help her, Bebe says that God will help Neeti in her situation as it is out of her hands.

Neeti realizes that Bebe will not protect her if her truth gets revealed and feels conflicted.

Let us see if Neeti's views toward Parineet change anytime soon in Parineeti's upcoming episodes.

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