Radha Krishna Gossip: Shalv burns Devika alive in front of Krishna

Radha Krishna Gossip: Shalv burns Devika alive in front of Krishna

Radha Krishna Gossip:

In the upcoming story of RadhaKrishna, Salv will burn Devaki alive in front of everybody on the battlefield.

So far in Radha Krishna’s story, Shalv captures Devaki and threatens Krishna to kill his mother but Krishna refuses to attack Shalv.

Balram requests Krisna to behead Shalv immediately but gets shocked to see Krishna standing in silence.

On seeing Krishna like that, Balram tries to kill Shalv himself but Krishna saves him from Balram’s attack.

Krishna asks Balram to bring Radha to the battlefield as the war can’t get over unless Radha arrives there. Balram unwillingly agrees.

Shukracharya decides to bring Vasudeva there by capturing him, to make Krishna weaker.

On the other hand, Radha agrees to go with Balram to the battlefield after knowing about Krishna’s decision.

Now as per the gossips of Radha Krisna, Shalv will threaten Krishna that he will kill his mother in front of his eyes and proceed to put fire in the wood above which Devaki was placed.

Devaki will be burned alive by Shalv in front of Krishna’s eyes but he will shed tears standing still there.

Radha will reach the battlefield and call for help hearing Devaki scream in pain, according to the upcoming twists of RadhaKrishna.

Let’s see if Krishna will be able to save his mother from dying, in the upcoming episodes of Radha Krishna.



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