Radha Mohan: Mohan Regrets Leaving Radha

Radha Mohan: Mohan Regrets Leaving Radha

Mohan regrets leaving Radha as he misses her.

Mohan is now searching for a perfect house for his family and explaining his ideal type of house.

Meanwhile, Kadambari is shown paralyzed and Mohan tells Meera how he made fake Tulsi arrested on Gungun's statement in the past but didn't bring Radha back as she slapped Kadambari.

There, Radha is shown instructing the contractor to make a perfect house.

A house dealer Khattar calls Mohan to inform him that he has found a perfect house for him where the house owner wants to keep tenants as their friends.

Further, Mohan goes to check the house where Radha and Yug are celebrating their anniversary.

Radha feels Mohan's presence being stunned while Yug's ring which he has brought for Radha falls and reaches Mohan by rolling on the ground.

Will Radha return to Mohan?

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