Radha Mohan: New Cast! Gungun Grows Up, Time Leap Ahead

Radha Mohan: New Cast! Gungun Grows Up, Time Leap Ahead

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In the upcoming story of Radha Mohan, Gungun will grows up as there will also be a time leap ahead in the show.

The current episodes of Radha Mohan revolve around Radha trying to stop Gungun from going on the picnic while the family separates Gungun from Radha and sends her with Tulsi on the picnic.

Further, Radha is sent to the mental asylum while Mohan gets broken, and Kadambari and Kaveri are happy about their win.

According to the latest twists of Radha Mohan, Radha will escape the mental asylum to save Gungun from Tulsi.

Mohan goes in search of Radha and gets to know news that there is a dangerous tiger in a wildlife sanctuary.

Soon, the show is going to take a time leap after which we will get to see some new additions to the cast.

Reportedly, Sarah Killedar is going to play grown-up Gungun in the show.

Let us watch the future episodes of Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan to know if Radha and Mohan will stay part of the story or if the next generation will take it over.

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