Radha Mohan: Upcoming Story! Mohan Gets Shot

Radha Mohan: Upcoming Story! Mohan Gets Shot

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In the upcoming story of Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, Mohan will get shot by Mr. X.

The current track of Radha Mohan revolves around Radha and Mohan's plane getting hijacked while Mr X turns out to be a woman.

Now as per the Radha Mohan gossip, Mohan will strangle Bunty as he slaps Kadambari.

Meanwhile, Mr. X will aim the gun at Mohan and pull the trigger which will cover her face with blood.

Did Mr. X shoot Mohan or was it Bunty?

Let us see how Radha saves Mohan in the future episodes of Radha Mohan.

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