Radha Mohan: Upcoming Story! Mohan Loses his Identity

Radha Mohan: Upcoming Story! Mohan Loses his Identity

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In the upcoming episodes of Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, Mohan will lose his identity.

The current track of Radha Mohan revolves around Radha piecing together recent events and realizing a potential link between Kadambari and the Gurumaa.

She hopes her suspicion isn't true because it would deeply hurt Mohan if it were.

Later, Tulsi's soul possesses Mohan's body again, and he attacks Radha.

According to the latest twists of Radha Mohan, Radha will be shocked to see that Mohan has applied nail polish on his fingers.

Further, the family gathered in the hall for breakfast startle along with Damini when Mohan arrives with nail polish in his hands.

He goes near Damini holds her neck and says in Bengali "He wants to drink her blood" in a possessed voice.

Will Mohan kill Damini? How Radha will save the family and Mohan from Tulsi's soul.

Let us watch the future episodes of Radha Mohan to know what other motives Kadambari possess.

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