Rajjo: Upcoming Story! Arjun Kisses Rajjo!

Rajjo: Upcoming Story! Arjun Kisses Rajjo!

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In the upcoming story of Rajjo, Arjun will accidentally kiss Rajjo's forehead.

So far in the story of Rajjo, Rajjo challenges Arjun to a race between them to decide who will take part in the Diwali tournament.

Arjun agrees to compete with Rajjo while Urvashi tries to hurl troubles for Rajjo so that she cannot win the race.

In the upcoming twists of the serial, Rajjo succeeds in winning the race against Arjun while Arjun sees the face of loss.

Later, when Rajjo and Arjun come home Arjun turns around to talk to Rajjo but ends up kissing her forehead accidentally.

The viewers are really liking the sweet romance between Arjun (Rajveer Singh) and Rajjo (Celesti Bairagey) and the cute fights between them.

Let us watch the future episodes of Rajjo to know how Urvashi reacts to seeing Arjun getting close to Rajjo.

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