Rajjo: Upcoming Story! Arjun’s PROMISE to Rajjo!

Rajjo: Upcoming Story! Arjun’s PROMISE to Rajjo!

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In the upcoming story of the Rajjo serial, Arjun will stop Rajjo from leaving his house and will promise her that he will not leave her.

So far in the story of the Rajjo serial, Rajjo managed to escape Pushkar and has hidden in one of Arjun’s suitcases to not get caught.

As per the spoiler of the Rajjo serial, Arjun opens the suitcase to get one of his work files and gets shocked to see her inside the suitcase.

However, instead of reporting her to the police, he starts scolding her and sympathizes when she tells him that she came to look for her mother, Manorama.

Now as per the gossip, Rajjo tries to escape from the Thakur house by jumping from the balcony in the heavy rain but Arjun saves her from falling and promises to not let her go and also help her in finding Manorama the next morning.

In the upcoming twist of the Rajjo serial, the Thakur family will come to learn about Rajjo living inside their house and will be shocked to see Arjun supporting her.

Let us see if Arjun and Rajjo’s bond over the love for their mother will turn into something more or not in the future story of the Rajjo serial.

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