Rajjo: Upcoming Twist! Rajjo changes her attire!

Rajjo: Upcoming Twist! Rajjo changes her attire!

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In the upcoming story of the Rajjo serial, Rajjo will be seen wearing a short white dress unusual to her normal everyday attire.

So far in the story of the Rajjo serial, Arjun takes Rajjo away from the house because Manorma has informed him that the nurse has given Rajjo a steroid1 injection which will make her fail her drug test and get disqualified from all the future races.

Furthermore, Rajjo and Arjun spent the night together in an abandoned hut as on their way, their car broke down.

Now as per the spoilers of the Rajjo serial, Rajjo will be seen in a short white dress the next day in front of every member of the house.

Manorma will ask Rajjo to leave the house along with her as they are not her well-wishers and are trying to hurt her.

However, Rajjo ignores Manorma and goes to Arjun to decide whether he wants to stop her or wants to let her go.

Why Rajjo is wearing a Short dress?

Let us see what has led Rajjo to wear the small short dress while Manorma is forcing her to leave the house in the future story of the Rajjo serial.

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