Rajjo: Upcoming Twist! Urvashi Blames Rajjo For Her Kidnapping!

Rajjo: Upcoming Twist! Urvashi Blames Rajjo For Her Kidnapping!

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In the upcoming story of Rajjo, Urvashi will accuse Rajjo of commanding her kidnapping.

The current track of Rajjo revolves around Urvashi getting kidnapped by some anonymous men who demand 1 crore from Arjun's family.

Arjun and Rajjo set off in search of Urvashi together.

After confronting the kidnappers, Arjun and Rajjo succeed in saving Urvashi.

According to the latest twists of Rajjo, Urvashi will blame Rajjo for her kidnapping.

According to Urvashi, Rajjo is the one who planned the kidnapping as she cannot stand her.

Rajjo denies the allegations and says that she never initiated such a thing and even fought with the kidnappers to save Urvashi.

Arjun asks both Rajjo and Urvashi to be silent and announces that they need to bring proof to claim their point.

Let us see if Rajjo succeeds in proving herself innocent of Urvashi's accusation in the upcoming episodes of Rajjo.

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