Rudrakaal: Ranjan and his team saves Prasant (Serial Gossip)

Rudrakaal: Ranjan and his team saves Prasant (Serial Gossip)

Rudrakaal Upcoming Story: Ranjan and his team save Prasant

In future episodes of the Rudrakaal serial, Ranjan (Bhanu Uday) and his team will save Prasant while Jayant will say that Prashant will be under his custody.

The current story of the Rudrakaal serial is revolving around Ranjan finding out that Baldev is alive and goes to his house with Jagdish while Baldev dies in a blast.

Further, Ranjan found out that Smita is trying to get evidence that Baldev was innocent and allowed her to help him.

Now in future, Anshu will save Sheena from a guy who will be trying to harass her while Fulchand will reveal that she is in love with him.

Meanwhile, Ranjan and his team will manage to save Prashant and will bring him to the police station.

However, Jayant will announce that he will take Prasant under his custody.

Let's see how will Ranjan react to this decision in the upcoming episodes of Rudrakaal serial.

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