SAAKK: Anokhi reveals that she is married to Shaurya

SAAKK: Anokhi reveals that she is married to Shaurya

SAAKK Gossip:

As per SAAKK serial's upcoming story, Anokhi (Debattama Saha) will reveal to Ahir that she is married to Shaurya (Karanvir Sharma) which will shock him.

Up until now in SAAKK story, Shaurya tried to get Aastha to return home but she refused to say that he has to understand Anokhi's condition and not just complete it.

Further, in the latest episode of SAAKK, Shaurya went to Anokhi's dorm and romanced with her while her friend came knocking there.

Now as per the serial spoilers of SAAKK, Anokhi will meet Ahir at a cafe where he will confess his love for her and will tell her that he wishes to marry her.

However, Anokhi will reveal to him that she is already married to her lover, Shaurya while Ahir will surprisingly accept and support them.

Let's see if Ahir is actually fine with their relationship or not in the upcoming twists of the SAAKK serial.

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