Sherdil Shergill: New Cast! Bhoomika Mirchandani As A Negative Cast!

Sherdil Shergill: New Cast! Bhoomika Mirchandani As A Negative Cast!

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Colours TV's new serial Sherdil Shergill is all set to go on air on 26th September 2022 to compete with the popular serials of Star Plus and Zee TV Imlie and Bhagya Lakshmi on the 8:30 P.M. timeslot.

The story of the serial Sherdill Shergeel will revolve around two main characters Manmeet and Raj with contrastingly different personalities whose fate conspires to work in the same company.

Manmeet is the workaholic CEO of the company and a mother to a little daughter whereas Raj is the new annoying intern who is the youngest child of his parents along with his twin sister and has come to the company with a motive to make his identity.

Now as per the latest spoilers of the Sherdil Shergill serial, a new face has been roped in the serial by the makers for a negative role.

The new face is none other than Bhoomika Mirchandani who will play the role of Raj's twin sister with not so positive aura around her.

Dheeraj Dhooper and Surbhi Chandana are playing the roles of Manmeet and Rajkumar aka Raj respectively in the serial who will entertain the audience with their sour-sweet fights and amazing chemistry.

Let's see how the story of Sherdill Shergil is carved by the writers to catch the audience's attention and make their presence known in the TRP charts by garnering impressive TRP ratings.

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