Shiv Shakti: Upcoming Story! Shiv Saves Rimjhim

Shiv Shakti: Upcoming Story! Shiv Saves Rimjhim

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In the upcoming story of Shiv Shakti, Shiv will save Rimjhim.

So far in the story of Shiv Shakti, Manorma has consented to wed Rimjhim to Ranjan despite Rimjhim's rejection. 

Meanwhile, Shakti knows that Ranjan is a lecherous man with no character while his family is greedy. 

At the same time, Shiv has met Ranjan before but due to Mandira's medicine, he cannot recall where they have met. 

In the meantime, Shakti has asked Shiv to help her as she does not want Rimjhim's life ruined because of Ranjan. 

As per the latest spoiler of Shiv Shakti, Shiv will find Ranjan harassing Shakti and runs to his rescue. 

What will happen now? Will Shiv stop the wedding after Ranjan's true character comes to light?

Let us continue to watch future episodes of Pyar Ka Pehla Adhyay Shiv Shakti to find out how Shiv saves Rimjhim from falling in Ranjan's trap and shows Manorma the mirror.

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