Smart Jodi Winner 2022, Runner Up Names, Prize Money, Season 1 Grand Finale Results

Smart Jodi Winner 2022, Runner Up Names, Prize Money, Season 1 Grand Finale Results

Smart Jodi Winner: Season 2022 Grand Finale Results, Star Plus Show Finale Jodis, Winners Name, Runner Up (1st, 2nd 3rd Places Names List)

Smart Jodi Grand Finale Positions 

Smart Jodi Contestants' Names

Smart Jodi Prize Money Details

Smart Jodi Winner (1st Place) (Season 2022)

Ankita Lokhade and Vicky Jain

25 Lakhs

Smart Jodi Gathbandhan Trophy

Smart Jodi 2022 1st Runner Up (2nd Place)

Balraj and Deepti Tulli


Smart Jodi Season 1 2nd Runner Up (3rd Place)

Arjun Bijlani and Neha Bijlani


Smart Jodi 2022 winner prediction: Smart Jodi Grand Finale, Who wins Smart Jodi Season 2?

Star Plus reality show Smart Jodi has reached its final phase, The Grand Finale, which will air on 5th June 2022.

So far all the competing Smart Jodis have proven their mettle by giving their best in every task they faced throughout the show.

The Smart Jodis who will be appearing in Grand Finale are:

Arjun-Neha, Himalaya-Bhagyashree, Ankita-Vicky and Balraj-Deepti.

As this is a tasked based show and so far the eliminations are conducted based on scores of the tasks, it is expected that the finalists will have to face another round of difficult tasks to be named the Smart Jodi of the season. 

However, Smart Jodi is also known for its twist and might come up with some new options to finally decide the winners.

As far as the question of Smart Jodi's Winner is concerned, let us look at the strong contestants that have more chances of winning the finale than other Smart Jodi.

If the audience were keeping scores of the Gathbandhan trophy awarded so far to various Smart Jodi over the weeks then they will agree that Himalaya-Bhagyashree, Arjun-Neha, and Ankita-Vicky have earned their Gathbandhan trophy after overcoming some of the most difficult tasks of the finale round.

Does Himalaya-Bhagyashree deserve to win the Smart Jodi Season 1?

Himalaya-Bhagyashree has also been the most promising Smart Jodi with 25 years of experience. The couple has performed the tasks with zeal and has entertained the audience with their forever young romance.

They have opened themselves up the most and have given valuable advice to young couples.

All this love and charming personality have put them as finalists and tough competition for other Smart Jodis.

Himalaya-Bhagyashree will give a tough fight to Ankita-Vicky for the season 1 Smart Jodi title.

Will Arjun-Neha be the lucky Smart Jodi winners? 

Arjun-Neha's pair is very dashing even though Neha is a newbie in the industry and has never been a part of any show before. 

The love, compatibility, and communication in the pair of Arjun-Neha are at par.

Nevertheless, the aura of their love surrounds them in every round. 

This Jodi is one of the strongest contenders for the Star Plus Smart Jodi winning trophy.

Ankita-Vicky the most likely winner of Smart Jodi?

Ankita-Vicky is the most popular Smart Jodi, among the contestants, who have entertained the audience with their various personality colours.

Ankita and Vicky's Holi special episode along with Honeymoon special episode is still fresh in the audience's mind.

Their unconditional love, compatibility and outstanding performances during the various tasks have put this Smart Jodi on the top of the list of likely winners.

Lastly, will Balraj-Deepti hold the Smart Jodi winner's position?

Balraj-Deepti is one of the cute and romantic couples on the Smart Jodi reality show. They both have a humorous steak and understands each other like a mirror image which is often seen in the various task they performed. 

Their communication strength is unmatchable and they are giving tough competition to all the Smart Jodis from the beginning.

However, during the compatibility special episode Balraj and Deepti bowed out of the final test due to Balraj's medical issues which come out as a sign of weakness to the audience.

Medical reasons can cost this Jodi their winning trophy in the Grand Finale for the difficulty of the task will increase many folds in the final week.

Who is the Winner of the Star Plus show Smart Jodi?

Having talked about all the contenders, the main competition lies between, Arjun-Neha, Himalaya-Bhagyashree, and Ankita-Vicky who have shown remarkable trust, compatibility, and love for their partners that is essential to make the Jodi a Smart Jodi.

The expectation of the winner has kept the audience glued to the TV every week to finally see their favourite Jodi becoming the Best Jodi of the week. 

We anticipate, "Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain are the winner couple of the Smart Jodi reality show 2022". 

We wish all the contestants of the Grand Finale to win the trophy of Smart Jodi and be crowned the winners.

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